Tactile Body, Transparent Mind

Partes Extra Partes

In my work I am abstracting human forms to explore where the essence of humanity lies. I am separating the physical and physiological aspects of what makes us human to ask if they are dependent upon each other or if they can stand alone. Where does the line separating the body from the psyche lie? Our bodies are easily taken for granted and overlooked as a mundane part of life. By solely looking at the physical aspects of being human, viewers will see their body as merely an object and contemplate what this means in the grand scheme of things. By creating immersive works using fabrics, video, embroidery, hair, and teeth, I am forcing viewers to confront themselves and question the connection between their body and soul.

The purpose of my work is to make people more conscious of their physical selves and contemplate the significance of their bodies. If our soul can survive without the vessel of our body, what is our visceral place in the world? By experiencing my work and seeing the human body as solely a physical object, a door opens for self-discovery and conceptual thinking.